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Referencing is a very essential part of an academic project. A referencing makes academic writing or a journal complete. It is like a decoration on the crucial parts of the project. Referencing makes your work look authentic and makes a strong statement to validate your side of the argument. Referencing is a very crucial part that is needed in nearly all academic discourses like literature, medical science, and also in different scientific journals. Good referencing work can fetch you great numbers during your submission.

However, there are some realities that students have to face while doing the referencing task. Finding perfect references for research work or academic journal requires surfing a lot of good quality books and articles. It is a mammoth task to find the perfect reference article which matches the tone of your research work. However, you can make your work simple with the assistance of the Submission Expert. We are experienced in referencing works and can help you complete your project.

Our Works and Importance:

We at Submission Expert are very much dedicated to our work. We know how important it is to provide some authentic sources of references in your academic writing. That is why; we search for thousands of articles, journals, and books to find the matching references and quotes with your work. The importance of referencing is immense; some of the points for the benefits of reference are discussed here:

  • Good referencing is capable of arousing curiosity among readers and your professors to find the original source of your reference. It will encourage the sharing of knowledge from one end to the other.
  • Referencing acts as a base for your academic project. It is documentary proof that will let you support your argument in a strong manner.
  • It is a symbol of the dedication and the hard work that you have done to support your argument. It is not just some quotes from a writer but a documentary proof with the names of the sources mentioned clearly.

Styles of Referencing:

Referencing is an important task and it has many types. All the referencing styles are named after respective Universities and Educational Institutions in which the styles are followed. Here are some of the styles of referencing which we follow at Submission Expert:

  • Harvard Referencing: This form of referencing is used for a long period by the students of a number of colleges and universities. This style of referencing generally uses two types of citations. In this mode, the in-text citation is written while paraphrasing or quoting a source directly. The quotation is located fully inside the body of the content and contains the full fragment of the text.
  • APA Referencing: APA referencing style is the short form for the American Psychological Association Referencing style. It has widespread usage in different subjects dealing with social studies and psychology. It has a particular format for the reference pages and in-text citations, which in turn, goes in accordance with the 6thedition of the APA manual.
  • Chicago Referencing: In this style of referencing, the referencing constitutes the name and the bibliography of the source at first, and then the date when the author had written that particular quote. It is a relative kind of referencing system and is up to the author of the academic work who would decide to use the citation based on the subject matter.
  • MLA Referencing: It stands for Modern Language Association Referencing style and is used in academic projects dealing with literature, liberal arts, and other subjects of the humanity stream. It goes with the order of MLA handbooks and it generally cites the examples of general formats of research papers and in-text citations. It sometimes also constitutes the cited page of the works.

Our team of writers is well versed and has a clear knowledge of these referencing styles and uses them accordingly. These styles are very much interdependent on the subject matter of the academic project and are used based on that. These styles of referencing will not only enrich your project work but also reflect the variety that is used in the project.

Benefits of Choosing Us:

While you are thinking of choosing our assistance, we guarantee you of benefits that are unmatched and cannot be found in our competitors.

  • We believe in delivering the service on time. That is why we schedule our works and give a practical deadline to our clients within which we complete our work.
  • We go through a number of sources and quote the exact words in a perfect manner so that it is related to your academic work.
  • We are a believer in original works, and that is why, after all the works, we check your content a number of times on various online plagiarism checking websites. We do not stop our editing work until your project becomes 100% original.
  • We offer the lowest rate among our competitors so that our service is affordable to students and Ph.D. scholars who want a good academic record.


Now that you know about our services, it is time that you refer to us for your referencing works. We will help you by all means. If you have queries and questions about our services, then feel free to contact our customer support executives who will answer all of your questions clearly at any time of the day. Avail our service and fetch good marks in your academic projects.