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Before submitting any of your assignments, essays, thesis, etc. you need to be sure that what you have written is factual and grammatically correct. Putting your ideas on paper is just a beginning, your writing should be convincing, reliable, and need to strike the right tone. You can be confident with your work only when you are able to express your ideas expertly - following all the rules and laws.

We at Submission Expert can help you with your proofreading and editing services. Our affordable proofreading services USA will help you in conveying your ideas properly on paper. We thoroughly proofread your content in order to find any kinds of grammatical or factual mistake and then edit them to make it 100% accurate. We make sure that your idea is unique and is presented to the world in an error free and clarified manner.

Types of services we cover:

  • Business Editing.
  • Paper Editing Checklist.
  • Academic Editing.
  • Dissertation Editing.
  • Assignment Editing.
  • Book Editing.

Our organization has experts in academic content proofreading. If you have a long thesis, dissertation, essay to edit and submit to your institution, we can help you by all means. Our proofreading service is top notch, with good formatting and text highlighting facilities. We can also change the voice and write in the language you want. We provide regular services to hundreds of academic scholars and students from Europe, America and Australia, so we can add a colloquial touch to the English language of your content.

We also provide book editing and proofreading service to the aspiring writers. It is by far the most important task for publishing the book, and we do it just the way it needs to be done. First we read the book carefully, and then if needed, we make some necessary amendments to enrich the language of the book. We do it in such a way that it matches the mood of the story and does not change the plot or become anti-climactic. Our book editing service will make sure that your book is enjoyed by audiences of all backgrounds and ages. Our team of experienced proofreaders is a very valuable asset and they have worked hard to give recognition to a number of authors in the past.

If you are running a business for years and aspiring for recognition in a wide spectrum, then the best way to do that is to publish a business journal or a portfolio. To give a clear message to your clients and investors, you need a good communication prospect, which will be provided by us. We have worked with business of all sizes around the world in the past and have delivered them quality proofreading and editing service so that they can publish a good journal. For publishing annual budgets and audit reports, we can also help you.

If you are stuck in some commitments and want to write abstracts for your dissertation or scholarly article, then make sure to contact us. Our experienced team of proofreaders and editors will know all the requirements for your abstract and see through your rough work. Then they will hand you a quality abstract for your article without any delay. We have provided service to students worldwide and we know how to maintain quality of content.

The pros of choosing us:

Submission Expert delivers outstanding results in all their work. We emphasize on the quality of our work and not the quantity.  Some of our key points are:

  • The experts working for us are world-class Ph.D. degree holders. They can provide you quality solutions for your academic proofreading tasks.
  • We have worked with thousands of clients over the years and have served with a smile. So we guarantee you 100% satisfaction with our work.
  • We are very much dedicated to our work and try to submit them within the deadline even during tight schedules.
  • Submission Expert provides constant help to their customers. You can contact us anytime if you have any queries about our work. Our cordial customer service staffs will try their best to provide solution to your problems.
  • Our workers are reliable and fast. They have a concise knowledge of their work and provide quality content at a good speed.
  • As we provide services to students and academic scholars around the world, we have very less rate and have a reputation of providing affordable proofreading services.
  • Our experts have extended their services to students all over the world. We have served for students in faraway countries like Australia, England, USA and other countries.

A professional editor looks into various matters to ensure that the work submitted is up to the mark. We deliver online best proofreading and editing services. Our entire proofreading and editing process is completely hassle-free and 100% confidential.


It is very common to make mistakes. When you proofread your own written documents it is highly likely that you can miss some of the basic points. While handling a big assignment or content, it is also possible to make spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes or errors regarding punctuations. This acts as a major embarrassment and represents inconsistent work. Hiring an affordable proofreading service is the best option. Their expertise and experience would help you achieve success. So for a good quality editing and proofreading service by expert team of editors, contact us today.