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About Submission Expert

Welcome to the official website of Submission Expert. We launched our site many years ago with a very humble beginning. Within the passing years, our reputation has increased as the top academic assistance portal, and we have served thousands of students complete their project works and submit them on time. We had a few writers initially, but now have dedicated teams for writing, creating computer programs and editing works.

We have a clear cut mission: to make children get hold of their studies and live a happy life. We provide our service to students of all streams, from engineering to humanities, from literature to marketing and management courses. Our team is very professional, capable of understanding the students’ problems, treating all issues differently, and, subsequently, submitting all the works on time. By taking our help, several students around the world have got good marks in their evaluation. Many have also thanked us for making their work gets noticed by their professors and research guides.

AWe also help people write their CDR in a very organized way. It enables them to shift to Australia for job purposes. We have benefitted clients from all over the world in these years. We have diligent workers in the USA and UK as well.


Assignments Submitted


Assignments Submitted


Assignments Submitted

Our Mission

As we said earlier, we have a clear cut mission to help students with their assignment works not to take an extra load in their academic life. Our assistance is not only confined between assisting students in writing works like assignment or homework submissions, but we have a computer programming team as well, who compiles computer programs for students in the Computer science stream. We aspire to become the number one academic assistance website in the coming years with a lot more to offer as services.

Our Team

At Submission Expert, we believe in coordinated teamwork. This enables us to distribute works evenly with all the members and makes the job done faster. We have a highly experienced team of writers, editors, and professional programmers who have a caring attitude to the students and work together for timely submission. The writers also have contacts with some of the most excellent experts in their respective fields to take assistance from them in case any problems arise. They know their work very well and work hard to compile a well-written project work or an assignment work to get good grades.

Our customer support team is also very cordial and can help you at any point in time. You can call them at any point of the day, and they will try to help you with a smile on their face. They have a good camaraderie with the rest of the team, which helps coordinate and smooth operation.

Our Beliefs

Submission Expert values your aspirations and time, so we have different values and beliefs that motivate us to work better. Firstly, we do not compromise with the safety of your works. Anything that can hamper your privacy or jeopardize your data is secretly stored within our database that cannot be accessed by anyone else. We also believe that our customers expect high-quality end products from our end. That is why our team works hard to provide the best quality material for your academic assignments. You can regard our end product as a value for money service.

We are dedicated to your assignment work and help you complete them on behalf of you to acquire excellent marks eventually. That is why our teamwork is very much integrated, sincere, and transparent at the same time. We are also very consistent with our work, and given our quality of the team and their efforts, we can become a prominent organization in the future. You, who are our organization’s customers, are very much invaluable to us, and we work only for you. That is why you would never see us crumbling to the circumstances or vanishing in times of hardship. We promise that you will always find our team by you in all kinds of things.

We also update our mode of work every year. We know that monotony is very harmful to a business like us, and that is why we venture on different productive ideas that can be helpful for our work, and that matches your criteria. That is why; it will be hard for you to find such an innovative team like us.

So, if you need any help from us, just visit our website and contact us via email or the helpline numbers. We will understand your problems, help you with our full capacity, and help you get good marks for your academic project work.

Our Services

On-Time Delivery of Assignments

Our company makes sure that we meet all deadlines and deliver you the assignments well before time. We encourage our writers to submit assignments well before the deadline so that the students can have enough time to revise the work before submission. This allows the students to review and make any changes wherever necessary.

24×7 Availability of Service

Our assignment services are available throughout the day and night. We have a live customer service which works 24/7 so that our customers can contact us at any time of the day if they are facing any trouble with their assignment. We provide customer service through the phone, email and live chat.

Qualified Writers

We make sure that only the best and most experienced writers are hired by our team. All of our items are experts in their field and have PhD degrees from some of the topmost universities all around the world. We can assure you that you will be satisfied with the content and quality of our assignments.

100% Plagiarism Free

We offer a 100% guarantee that our writers will provide you with plagiarism-free assignments. Once the assignment is written We check it for a minimum of three times after the final editing and proofreading are done to make sure that it is 100% plagiarism-free.

Wide Range of Services

We believe in providing services to all kinds of individuals irrespective of their standard. A student of 1st year, as well as a student of final year, can get help from our company in writing their assignments. We have professionals who are expert in every field and can offer you the best results.

Unique Content For Every Assignment

We aim to provide unique and customized contents for every assignment. As a result, we make sure that each and every assignment is written from scratch so that the entire work is 100% plagiarism-free.

Explain your Assignment

If you want to get your assignment done by our professionals You only need to explain your requirements to us. We ask our writers to provide us with complete instructions, requirements and deadlines so that we can provide you with the best possible result.

Find The Best Professional For Your Work

Once you have provided us with a list of your requirements and the subject we will connect you to our professional writers. You can choose the best one among these writers according to your requirements and preference.

Make the payment

The last and the final step is to make the payment for your essay so that our experts can start working on it. To get your assignment written it is necessary to make any advance payment to our company before we start with your work.


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